On Tuesday, May 10, the Center for International Service is hosting a representative of a new College Consortium of International Studies (CCIS)  study abroad program in Namibia. This program is open, to CSI students who qualify, as a summer or semester abroad option.

We welcome you to visit the Center for a reception to meet Deborah Sanders, Director of Study Abroad to Africa. Dr. Sanders partners with Lincoln University to administer this CCIS program to Namibia.
Please let me know by email at christopher.tingue@csi.cuny.edu if you can attend the reception in Building 2A, Room 206 from 4:00pm to 5:00pm. It is informal, so while we prefer that you RSVP, you may also stop by briefly or unannounced. Also, if you teach a course on Tuesday, from 11:00pm to noon or 3:00pm to 4:00pm and we could make a quick visit to your class with Dr. Sanders to promote study abroad in general and more specifically to Africa, please let me know by email.
The College of Staten Island is a member of CCIS through which it offers programs in China, Denmark, Ecuador, Greece, and Italy. The Namibia program is one of about 30 other countries where CSI students may study abroad through the CCIS offerings.