On behalf of the Staten Island Breast Cancer Research Initiative (SIBCRI) at the Center for Environmental Science (CES), we would like to invite you to join us at the College of Staten Island (CSI) on Saturday, Oct. 1 for CSI’s Breast Cancer Walkathon. 

The CSI Breast Cancer Walkathon is a fundraising event targeted to bring together the students, staff, friends, families, and alumni of the CSI community, as well as the entire borough of Staten Island, to raise awareness and funds for the SIBCRI. Directed by Dr. Donna B. Gerstle, Professor and Director of the CES, the SIBCRI is a multidisciplinary approach aimed at making a positive impact on breast cancer incidence and mortality on Staten Island and beyond. 

The CSI Breast Cancer Walkathon will be the opening event to CSI’s first annual Homecoming Day. As the premier event for CSI’s Homecoming Day, the CSI Breast Cancer Walkathon will showcase the SIBCRI’s “Live Green, Embrace Pink” slogan as a part of the event’s central theme of promoting greener practices and energy efficiency in everyday life, as well as to educate and increase awareness of breast cancer. Taking place on Oct. 1, the CSI Breast Cancer Walkathon is the ideal event to welcome in National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

To participate in the Walkathon, registration is required with a requested donation of $25 or more. Each registered walker will receive an SIBCRI t-shirt and a reusable water bottle and tote. All contributions are tax deductable to the full extent of the law.  For information and to register, please call 718.982.2365 or visit the Walkathon Website

We look forward to seeing you on the Great Lawn. 

The Walkathon is sponsored, in part, by Con Edison.