Convocation 2011

College of Staten Island President Dr. Tomás D. Morales underscored the unity of the College community as he celebrated CSI’s 2011 Convocation last week in the Center for the Arts Williamson Theatre.

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Speaking to a near-capacity audience, the President mentioned that this year’s accomplishments were too many to list, but he noted that these achievements were the result of the hard work, dedication, and, most importantly, unity of CSI’s faculty, staff, and students.

As he began his remarks, Dr. Morales mentioned that “Many Voices, One Vision,” the theme of this year’s Convocation, is also the title of the College’s new Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan, and a self-study, which is part of the ongoing Middle States Commission on Higher Education reaccreditation process, he pointed out,  are significant examples of large numbers of College faculty, staff, and students uniting and working together for the betterment of CSI.

“The College reached out to more than 400 faculty, staff, and students, who served on focus groups and Strategic Direction Committees directly participating in the development of the College’s new Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Directions, which comprise our new Strategic Plan” Dr. Morales stated “Many more had their voices heard at town hall meetings and through the submission of comments on our online Strategic Planning Discussion Board. And over 130 members of our broad campus community, serving on multiple diverse working groups, came together to conduct a comprehensive Self-Study of our institution to assess our institutional excellence as measured by the 14 standards prescribed by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.”

Throughout his address, Dr. Morales gave other examples of unity on campus, including Unity through Giving to Others, mentioning that CSI recently won a CUNY Goal Buster Award for raising more than $18,000 from College faculty and staff for the CUNY Campaign for Charitable Giving; Unity through Adversity, commending College staff for getting the campus through Hurricane Irene and last year’s harsh and snow-filled winter; Unity in Loss, remembering that the College community came together to mark the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001; and Unity through Student Success, heralding this year’s new mandatory two-day orientation for new CSI students.

As he concluded his comments, the President focused on the College’s students, reminding those in attendance that “Student success and achievement is a cornerstone of our new Strategic Plan, and our greatest show of unity has–and always will be–centered on our students.”

After Dr. Morales’s remarks, CSI Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. William Fritz came to the lectern to conclude this year’s Convocation by recognizing the contributions of faculty and staff members who have reached milestone anniversaries of service. As the Provost called the honorees to the stage to receive gifts of appreciation, he entertained the audience with historical and amusing facts from each anniversary year. Music from a variety of artists, such as Alicia Keyes, Kool & the Gang, Queen, and Don McLean provided a backdrop and sparked memories as the honorees approached the stage.

Faculty and staff who were honored this year included:


  • Frank Battaglia
  • William Bernhardt
  • Rima Blair
  • Leonard Ciaccio
  • Gloria Cortopassi
  • Gordon Di Paolo
  • Gloria Garcia
  • AndersonOhan
  • Vasilios Petratos
  • Richard Powers
  • Ira Shor
  • David Traboulay



  • Dennis Casey



  • Anita Mrozinski
  • Robert Yurman



  • Louis Blois
  • Rosita Cam
  • Paul Herskovitz
  • Chang Kim
  • Laura Nowak
  • Jay Rosen
  • Nanette Salomon
  • Nancy Somma
  • Stephen Wollman


  • Bonnie Chin
  • Linda John
  • Vakil Sepehr



  • Michael Addeo
  • Anthony Berardi
  • Eugene Boasi
  • Vincent Bono
  • Lewis Carbonaro
  • David Collins
  • Phyllis D’Alessandro
  • Roger Darbasie
  • Edward Diaz
  • Mathew Dolcimascolo
  • Paula Drakontis
  • Barbara Duval
  • Sheila Fawcett
  • Dolores Fox
  • Deborah Franzblau
  • Ellen Goldner
  • Anshel Gorokhovsky
  • Francis Grave
  • George Herman
  • Mary Hicks
  • Sylvia Kahan
  • Catherine Lavender
  • Frances Lee
  • Haynesworth Lettine
  • Jon Mahoney
  • Michele Massaro
  • Christopher Mazzotta
  • Elena McCoy
  • Joseph Morton
  • Mary Murphy
  • Kevin Myers
  • Frank Nieroda
  • Carlos Perez
  • Hippolito Perez
  • Carol Perrotto
  • John Petrai
  • David Pizzuto
  • Syed Rizvi
  • Greg Rodriguez
  • Raphael Rosado
  • Rory Satchell
  • George  Sharrett
  • Edward Silva
  • Oleg Soloviev
  • Tabitha Staples
  • Joseph Tanna
  • Jeffrey Tellerman
  • Kenneth Threats
  • Richard Veit
  • William Vella
  • John Verzani
  • Robert Vinci
  • Cheryl Wu



  • Gloria Alfano
  • Suzanne Amuso
  • Evelyn Anicito
  • Igor Arievitch
  • Janice Awerbuch
  • Kenneth Bach
  • Evelyn Bermudez
  • Nancy Casey
  • Pete Cenovski
  • Susan Chapman
  • Michelle Chung
  • Barbara Clark
  • Barbara Cohen
  • Michael Cregg
  • Ashley Dawson
  • Gerard Duggan
  • Kenneth Duncan
  • David Gerstner
  • Rosaria Graffagnino
  • Mary-Jean Hennessy
  • Hildegard Hoeller
  • Jean Holder
  • Cory Holmes
  • John Jankowski
  • Dalia Kandiyoti
  • Hugo Kijne
  • Martin Kittel
  • Hung Nguyen
  • Miriam Perez-lai
  • Sherina Peterkin
  • Nancy Pouch
  • Mary Beth Reilly
  • George Sanchez
  • Liqing Tao
  • Mary Urciuoli
  • Patrick Veasey
  • Barbara Verteramo



  • Zaghloul Ahmed
  • Hope Berte
  • Heather Blaylock
  • Ann Booth
  • Gregory Brown
  • Amanda Canfield
  • Angela CartmellMcGlyn
  • Lisa Chin
  • Genevieve Clark
  • Mario D’Alessandro
  • Crystal Deosaran
  • Nicole Dory
  • Ewa Dzurak
  • Dawn Fairlie
  • Andrew Finnel
  • Patricia Fontana
  • Matthew Ganz
  • John Garcia
  • Ismael Garcia-Colon
  • Rosane Gertner
  • Shelley Giannina
  • Marie Giordano
  • Andrew Leykam
  • Jerry Lombardo
  • Philip Masciantonio
  • Susan Massara
  • Emmanuel Mbah
  • Steven Milewski
  • Mary Moran
  • Patricia Mullarkey
  • Lillian Nicassio
  • Marianne Orla
  • Gary Roman
  • Monique Russo
  • Terri Sangiorgio
  • Brady Tweed
  • Jeffrey Vilkov
  • Jesenko Vukadinovic
  • Siona Wilson
  • Oswaldo Zavala