CSI had its first-ever table at the U.S. Embassy-sponsored College Fair in Trinidad and Tobago last October.

The U.S. Embassy held its tenth college fair at the Hyatt Regency in Trinidad and Tobago’s Port of Spain and the College of Staten Island made its first appearance at this prestigious international fair, joining more than 75 colleges and universities from the U.S., Canada, Grenada, and Trinidad and Tobago.

As part of CSI President Dr. Tomás D. Morales’s increased focus on prioritizing CSI’s international presence, Philippe Marius, Director of Student Financial Aid, and Emmanuel Esperance, Jr., Director of Recruitment and Admissions, represented CSI at the increasingly popular event. 

Approximately 2,500 students attended the two-day event, which was covered by local television stations and The Guardian, a major Trinidadian newspaper. 

“We talked nonstop,” said Marius, who estimates that he personally spoke to approximately 300 students during the fair, his first-ever recruiting event. 

 “The Guardian ad was impressive,” said Esperance. “They gave CSI’s full-page ad great placement in the paper.” 

The two CSI representatives believe that the coverage CSI received helped bolster attendance at their table and interest in CSI in general.

“Many of the students we spoke to were well informed about not only CSI but also how most U.S. colleges and universities education systems operate,” said Esperance.  “There was no translation needed.” 

Most prospective students made inquiries about business, engineering, and environmental science programs, as well as the honors programs at CSI. There was also increasing interest about CSI’s future residence halls. 

Overall, Esperance and Marius estimate that the fair was a “great success” for CSI as they have gained 181 prospective students from Trinidad and Tobago.

The fact that there is a large number of Trinidadians living in New York also played a major role in CSI’s decision to send representatives to the fair last October. 

“Meeting actual Trinidadian students (at CSI) made it so much easier to begin the conversation,” said Marius. In fact, CSI’s brochure featured a current Trinidadian student studying at CSI who was recognized by several people who attended the fair. 

Marius and Esperance came away from the fair very excited about the prospect of many of the Trinidadian students attending CSI. 

“We’d love to have those students here,” said Esperance. “Not only will they benefit from studying here but our current CSI students will benefit from them, as well.” 

International college fairs have grown throughout the world, and institutions of higher learning in the U.S. and Canada continue to compete in the realm of college recruitment at the global level. CSI is globally competitive due to its proximity to New York City as well as its already diverse campus. Factor CSI’s emphasis on expanding its recruitment initiative with the upcoming residence halls and CSI is primed to lead the way in international recruitment.