The latest Faculty Senate election results are as follows:

1)   College Council-CSI Association – one-year term ending 2013
       Elected – the three selected by the President:
       Alan Benimoff (Engineering Science and Physics)
       Mohammad Talafha (Math)
        George Vachadze (Political Science, Economics, and Philosophy)

2)   College Council-Faculty Student Discipline Committee – one-year term ending 2013     
       Alan Benimoff (Engineering Science and Physics)
       Baruch Englard (Business)
       Andrew Leykam (Library)
       Robert Lovering (Political Science, Economics, and Philosophy)

3)   College Council- CSI Auxiliary Services Corporation – one-year term ending 2013
        Elected – the two selected by the President: 
        Jonathan Peters (Business)
        Vasilios Petratos (Political Science, Economics, and Philosophy)
4)   College Council-Institutional Planning Committee – three-year term ending 2015
        Ken Gold (Education)(H)                  Wilma Jones (Library)(S)
        Nan Sussman (Psychology)(H)       Syed Rizvi (Engineering Science and Physics)(S)
        Tom Tellefsen (Business)(H)            John Verzani (Mathematics)(S)

 5)   College Council-Appeals Committee – three-year term ending 2015
         Sandi Cooper (History)(H)               Jacqueline LeBlanc (Biology)(S)
         Margaret Berci (Education)(H)          
 6)   College Council – Administrative Review and Evaluation Committee – three-year term ending 2015
        Jacqueline LeBlanc (Biology)
        Gerry Milligan (World Languages and Literatures)
        Richard Powers (History)
        Bethany Rogers (Education)
        George Sanchez (Performing and Creative Arts)        

 7)   Faculty Senate-Research Committee – three-year term ending 2015
        Mark Lewis (History)(H)                                                                    Alejandra Alonso (Biology)(S)
        Dan McCloskey(Psychology)(H)                                                    Carlo Lancelloti (Math)(S)
        Gerry Milligan (World Languages and Literatures)(H)         Emily Rice (Engineering Science and Physics)(S)
   8)  Faculty Senate-Admissions Committee three-year term ending 2015
  9)   Faculty Senate Delegate at large – three-year term ending 2015
         Cindy Wong (Media Culture)(H)               Jose Torres (Engineering Science and Physics)(S)
         Second position-Pending *                        Elena McCoy (Biology)(S).
      * Pending a run-off election between Professor Richard Powers History (H) and
         Professor Catherine Lavender(History) (H)  
 10)  Faculty Senate-Adjunct representative – one-year term ending 2013
          Paul Burdett (History)
          Rosemary McCall (History)
11)    College Council-By Law Committee three-year term ending 2015
          Deborah Franzblau (Math)
          Sylvia Kahan (Performing and Creative Arts)
          Syed Rizvi (Engineering Science and Physics)
          Cindy Wong (Media Culture)
12)    College Council-HEO Steering Committee – three-year term ending 2015
           Gloria Garcia (SEEK)
13)   College Council-Committee on Organization – three-year term ending 2015
          Elected-elected at the last College Council meeting in May:
          Alan Benimoff (Engineering Science and Physics)
          Margaret Berci (Education)
          Warrick Bell (Institutional Research)
          Anthony Gallego (Media Services)
          William Samuels (Education)

(H) Denotes Humanities and Social Sciences
(S) Denotes Science and Technology

Further details may be found on the College Council/Faculty Senate Website.