The 2013 Coordinated Undergraduate Education (CUE)  Conference, “Transformations in Teaching and Learning: Research and Evidence-based Practices at CUNY,” will be held on Friday, May 10, 2013 at John Jay College. 

What are the most effective pedagogies, policies, and practices that we can use to maximize student learning at CUNY? How does research help us to identify these practices? What works based on the scholarship of teaching and learning, and how do we know that it works? How can we adopt evidence-based practices to improve learning in our own classrooms and throughout our campuses? 

This year’s CUE Conference provides an in-depth view of research and evidence-based practices across the University, from the classroom, in the field, online, and through collaborations and partnerships. Through a plenary overview, actual case presentations, workshops, and poster sessions, faculty, administrators, and staff will have an opportunity to explore and experiment with research and evidence-based practices.  

Full information about the conference and the RFP submission process is coming soon. Consider submitting a proposal about your own evidence- or research-based practice.

Contact Undergraduate Studies at John Jay College at 212.484.1347 for more information.