It is my great pleasure to wish all of our returning students, faculty, and staff a happy new academic year. For those who are new to the College of Staten Island, including our approximately 2,800 incoming students, 25 new distinguished faculty, and new staff members, I extend to you a warm welcome to the CSI family. 

English statesman Thomas More once said that to be truly educated, one must be “exposed vulnerably to the transformative events of an engaged human life.” 

On Sunday, Aug. 25, such a transformative event took place at the College of Staten Island with the opening of our first-ever student residence halls. Over 400 students from across the state, around the nation, and from other countries moved into Dolphin Cove marking a new era for this institution.     

The following day, the College’s Inaugural Freshmen Convocation was held on the Great Lawn where, for the first time, more than 1,500 students from our entering class were formally inducted into our academic community. 

Following last year’s magnificent institutional achievements, this year, the College has already reached significant milestones to advance student persistence and success, and to elevate our academic prestige and standing within the higher education community.    

We plan to build upon this momentum throughout 2013-2014 as we focus on addressing serious space limitation issues through the renovation of the 2M building, the relocation of Continuing Education to an off-site location, and the groundbreaking for the new Interdisciplinary High-Performance Computing Center. 

With great excitement and anticipation, I look forward to working together with all of the College’s constituents to make our ambitious Vision, as embodied in the College’s Strategic Plan, Many Voices, One Vision, a reality.