I’m pleased to announce that the CUNY Campaign for Charitable Giving is about to embark on its 30th year. Your generous contributions will offer a welcomed opportunity to help many organizations still trying to recover from Superstorm Sandy.

In 2012, the nonprofit organizations funded by the Campaign reached hundreds of victims of Sandy. The 2013 Campaign will continue to ensure that nonprofit groups receive the support designated by those who pledge through CUNY. This includes the CSI Foundation, which provided emergency relief funds to many CSI students, especially in the aftermath of Sandy.

We are fortunate to have two Building Captains, who have offered to serve again this year and we appreciate their leadership. Linda John at 7183.982.2226 will lead Building 2A pledges and Suzanne Martin at 718.982.3230 will lead Building 1M pledges. Jennifer Towles is serving as Campaign Coordinator for all other buildings. The Campaign Website is up and running, so feel free to submit your pledges starting today.

Please note that each year is considered as a brand new Campaign and it will be necessary for you to register on the Website again. The option of continuous donor from year to year is no longer available.

Every dollar makes a difference and it is my hope that you will sincerely consider supporting this Campaign by designating a pledge to the charity of your choice. On behalf of the entire CUNY Campaign for Charitable Giving, I extend my appreciation for your continued support.