Spring will be upon us soon and so will the Summer and Fall 2014 Priority Registration Period. Therefore, it’s time to begin student summer and fall career discussions and course selection plans. In the spirit of promoting proactivity, CSI encourages all students to take advantage of its Early Advisement Month.

Each spring semester, Early Advisement occurs during March, a month before the Priority Registration Period (the first day you can register for classes) opens. This is the perfect time to meet with faculty mentors or professional advisors to complete your academic plan and course selections before the registration process starts.

To assist students in preparing for their Early Advisement session, information about this process can be found online.

Degree audit, the Catalog, educational plans, and other academic tools can also be found on the advisement resources and student resources Websites.

Faculty Advisor Office Hour information and Professional Advisor Office Hour information can be found at online.

To support your success, CSI encourages all students to prepare proactively to avoid long waits and needless frustration.  Schedule an appointment to meet with your mentors and advisors today.