CSI Associate Professor of Sociology-Anthropology Jeffrey Bussolini appeared on Canadian Francophone News discussing extinction and academic approaches to extinction.

He was interviewed by the news organization on the occasion of the first Thinking Extinction International Symposium November 2013 at Université Laurentienne in Sudbury, Ontario.

Bussolini presented research on the varying ways in which the felidae have been affected by extinction, spoke to reporters about the importance of the symposium and the breadth of approaches represented.  He highlighted the careful planning of the conference which forged vital cooperative links between scholars who usually work in totally distinct disciplinary environments, even if they address similar questions. 

Bussolini, an internationally-recognized expert on feline-human social interactions (ailourography), collaborates with leading feline biologists as well as philosophers, social scientists, and animal behaviorists in the ongoing development of this area of study. 

Bussolini appears at the 35 minute mark during the Radio-Canada broadcast>

(The broadcast is in French.)