The aim of the Pluralism and Diversity Program at CSI is to celebrate cultural diversity through events and programs that foster community, understanding, and engagement for the CSI community. We are currently in the process of identifying potential programs and events to host at the College during the Fall 2014 academic semester in the categories listed below. Ideas and suggestions for categories not reflected below are welcomed.

-Hispanic Heritage Month (9/15-10/15)

-Italian Heritage Month (October)

-National Coming Out Day (October)

-Native American Heritage Month (November)

-Middle Eastern and North African Heritage Month (November)

-World Aids Day (December)

-December Holidays

We want to reach out to you at this juncture to ask for your active participation and/or ideas for potential events, speakers, and collaborations. You might have an idea for a program/event that coincides with an area of personal or research interest. You may know a member of the greater Staten Island community whom you think we should invite to speak at the College. Attendance by your students at a scheduled program/event could be a required assignment noted in your course syllabus if the focus of the program supports the course theme. You may also be willing to give a presentation on a topic related to your own research.

If you have an idea for an event/program/speaker, would like to give a presentation related to your own research, would like to have your class involved with an event, or would be interested in co-sponsoring an event, please email,

We wish you a successful rest of the semester and thank you for your support of the College’s pluralism and diversity efforts.

Thank you.