“Student Voices on Writing: A Roundtable Discussion on the WAC Study on Writing at CSI” will be held on Tuesday, Mar. 11. in the Faculty Center for Professional Development (Building 1L, Room 203) from noon to 1:30pm.

Educators agree that writing is a core component of learning. However, using writing to engage students can be a challenge. What are the most effective strategies that instructors can use to encourage learning by writing? How do your students respond to written assignments? How can we as instructors make writing both engaging and rewarding for students? Reaching out to the students of CSI to find out, the Writing across the Curriculum team conducted a study in 2012-2013 entitled “Students’ Success in their College Writing at the College of Staten Island.” Using surveys and interviews to capture the experiences of students, the study sought to learn more about the students’ experiences with writing assignments and about the most effective strategies used by instructors to encourage writing. It inquired into the challenges, motivations, attitudes, and experiences that students of CSI have with writing assignments. In this roundtable, we will be presenting our findings from the study, offering both analysis and recommendations based on the results, and discussing useful pedagogical strategies to encourage learning through writing.

Please RSVP by Monday, Mar. 10 to Amber Buck (amber.buck@csi.cuny.edu) or Hildegard Hoeller (hildegard.hoeller@csi.cuny.edu).