We need your help. One of students’ toughest learning endeavors is understanding that majors do not necessarily equal careers. Clearly, certain majors lead students down particular career paths, but it is equally important for students to grasp that a major also helps them develop skills that are valued across a broad spectrum of career trajectories. There is no clearer demonstration of this than within our own CSI community, where many of us have educational backgrounds that students wouldn’t necessarily associate with the work we currently do.

To help support this learning, during COMPASS Majors and Minors week (M&Ms Week) in October, CAAS will host a “major” scavenger hunt. During this even,t our students will be encouraged to decode a set of background clues about CSI faculty and staff, and to find different professions requiring similar skills. We need our campus community to help us make this possible. So, we are asking for you to please complete the brief online form about your background and send it to cheryl.craddock@csi.cuny.edu.   That’s it. We’ll do the rest.

A professionally designed form will be printed with your information on it. It will be hung outside of your office door. Then, we’ll send the students on their hunt. We are even trying to obtain a special prize for the student who demonstrates the best critical thinking in this exercise.

We’d truly appreciate if you could forward this information to us by Friday, Oct. 3. As always, your feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

Thank you for your participation in this event.