Students Diane Saddeh, Emmanuela Petit-Frere, Kendall Harford, Mitchell Harris, Jennifer Pierce, Tymala Apedo, Abeer Husein, Liya Thomas, Robert Nelli, Medine Kovacevic, Newton Brooks, Sergio J. Mendoza Gallardo are joined by Diane Senerchia (left) William Fritz (second from left) Lucille Chazanoff (third from left) Susan Lamberti (fourth from left) and John Alexander (far right).

The Northfield Bank Foundation was honored by College of Staten Island (CSI) President Dr. William J. Fritz and the CSI Foundation in appreciation of their generous support of the Student Internship Stipend Program at CSI. The Career and Scholarship Center at the College manages the program, which pays for student internships at local nonprofit organizations on Staten Island.

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The Northfield Bank Foundation began supporting the program in 2005 and they have increased their funding through the years to allow for more students to participate and to extend the duration of the internships. New internship sites are added each year to expand opportunities for more nonprofit groups and to provide students with a more diverse set of skills during their internship period.

Student attendees at the reception spoke of their practical and meaningful connections gained from working with their supervisors, and the internship site representatives shared their perspectives of mentoring the next generation of leaders. Both students and professionals mentioned the win-win experiences of working together.

The College of Staten Island continues to recognize the importance of the Northfield Bank Foundation’s support of the program as it gives highly motivated students a chance to work on projects that will benefit organizations. In addition, students can build their professional experience and consider the world of nonprofits as a potential career choice.