The start of the new semester is always a busy time of year. Regardless of whether students or faculty are returning to grammar school, middle school, high school, or college, receiving and creating passwords have become a way of life. Technology including mobile devices, Web applications, and online services are mainstream regardless of the age of the student or the level of education they are receiving. For security purposes, these technologies require the use of passwords in order to access the services they provide. I shared a technology tip that speaks to password management in a previous April security awareness posting. With the start of the school season, I thought it might be helpful to share this tip again.

It is important that we take measures to protect ourselves with use of strong and unique passwords. However, for some of us, remembering these passwords can sometimes pose a challenge. Knowing that long and complex passwords are difficult to remember, we suggest not using a password; rather, to use a “passphrase.” For example, “I love Dunkin Donuts!” would be an excellent example because it uses spaces, capital letters, characters, and is 21 characters.  For more information on using passphrases, please go online.

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Have a wonderful, safe, and secure semester.