The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is the programming board that allocates an earmarked portion of the Student Activity Fee for social, cultural, educational, and community service programs. CAB is beginning the process of identifying programs for Spring 2019. If your department is planning a program for students and believes that CAB may be interested in co-sponsoring the event, we encourage you to submit a request for funding.

Community Proposals for Spring 2019 are due to CAB by Monday, Nov. 19, 2018, no later than noon. The application is Web-based and can be found on CSI CONNECT. Information about the Community Proposal process can be found online.

CAB sets aside a limited amount of funds per semester for community proposal funding. CAB will not approve funds in an amount above $1,500 for any specific proposal. Additionally, an individual department may submit as many events it chooses, but CAB will only fund one event per department.

Decision-making criteria is below and CAB considers the following questions:

  • Does CAB already do this? Does this fill a need for students that CAB is currently not providing?
  • Are CSI students the target audience? If not, who is the target audience?
  • What is the approximate number of students in the target audience? Is it within the fiscal guidelines?
  • Will the proposed program interest CSI students?
  • Does this program have a history with CAB? Has the event been done well in the past?
  • What part of the CAB mission does this meet? (Social, Cultural, Educational, Service)

CAB has funded numerous campus programs including Global Kitchen events with the Center for Global Engagement, Tournées Film Festival with the Media Culture Department, the Spring Festival with the School of Education, and Majors and Minors Week with the Center for Advising and Academic Success. Funding has also been provided for programs to strengthen the community and promote pride in CSI such as “CSI’s Got Talent” and Honors Convocation.

CAB will review the Spring 2019 proposals that are received by the Monday, Nov. 19, 2018 at noon deadline at a late-November/early-December meeting. Please note that since CAB funding requests must be approved by Student Government and the CSI Association, approvals may not be finalized until mid-Winter Break.

Submit a proposal by accessing the form online​. Before submitting your proposal, please log in to CSI Connect using your CSI email credentials ( and your FLAS password).  This will allow you to save the form as you complete it, as well as print and access the form for your records after submission. You can access the form via your profile; just click your name (top right corner of screen) and go to Activity. If you have questions about how to create a profile or how to access your submission, please contact Debi Kee at 718.982.3268. It is strongly recommended that you call the Campus Activities Board Office at 718.982.2816 or 718.982.3268 to confirm receipt of your proposal.

Thank you in advance for helping to make CSI a place where things happen. We look forward to receiving your program ideas.