We all know that CSI has very talented students; we even have “CSI’s Got Talent” to prove it.  Well, President Fritz knows that CSI also has many talented staff and faculty here on campus. Many of you have seen performances by Sylvia Kahan in the Center for the Arts (Building 1P) Concert Hall in May 2015, George Sanchez’s solo work, “Buried Up To My Neck While Thinking Outside The Box,” DNR. Tony and the Teckees, and just recently, Warrick Bell at Killmeyer’s, but the College has a lot more talent than many of us are aware. Hidden talents abound.

We are reaching out to the CSI community, seeking talented individuals to perform here on campus, for the first-ever CSI Faculty/Staff Talent Show on Friday, May 6.  Unlike “CSI’s Got Talent,” this isn’t a competition; rather, it’s a showcase of our talented faculty and staff. There will be opportunities for all artistic expression to be showcased, for example: music, dance, magic, juggling, comedy, poetry, photography, painting, drawing, and sculpture.

Please respond to Tony Gallego by Friday, Oct. 30 if you would like to participate.