College of Staten Island alumnus Michael Shadrick ’93, ’03, who earned his Post-Master’s Advanced Certificate for Leadership in Education from the College of Staten Island School of Education, was featured in the NY Daily News for his strategic role in transforming his school into one of NYC’s best high schools.


“There’s no “secret sauce” that makes Williamsburg Preparatory High School successful. If there are two guiding ideas, Principal Michael Shadrick said, they would be to “get better” and “connect.”

“What we talk about here is connecting with the kids, and each other and the families we serve,” he said. “We don’t have any secret sauce for teaching algebra or English besides hard work.”

That hard work is paying off. About 87% of Williamsburg Prep students graduated with their Regents diploma in 2014, compared to 64 percent across the city. Williamsburg Prep is one of three schools housed in the Harry Van Arsdale campus.”

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