New Jersey Transit faces the prospect of a system wide strike of its rail operations on Sunday, Mar. 13 at 12:01am. This would result in the complete suspension of the New Jersey Transit rail service. The MTA Metro-North’s Port Jervis and Pascack Valley Lines, operated by New Jersey Transit, will also be affected. New Jersey Transit and the MTA have developed contingency plans that include adding capacity to existing bus routes, light rail systems, PATH, and ferry services to accommodate their ridership.

In the event of a transit strike, or serious disruption of the public transit system, the University will remain open and operational, and all employees are expected to report to work.

A free resource, 511NY Rideshare, sponsored by the New York State Department of Transportation, may provide suitable alternative transportation options such as carpooling and travel alert information.*

Current information about the transit strike may be obtained by visiting the NJ Transit and MTA Websites.

For your information, I have included the summaries of relevant Time and Leave guidelines:

Classified Staff
The time and leave rules set forth in the Blue and White Collar contracts apply. Full-time classified staff who are unable to report to work will be allowed to use their annual leave, unscheduled holidays, or compensatory time to cover absences. Hourly staff, including College Assistants, are paid only for time worked, but will be offered the opportunity to make up the hours lost, if possible.

Higher Education Officer Series (HEOs) and Non-Teaching Adjuncts
Full-time employees in the HEO series who are unable to report to work may use annual leave, unscheduled holidays, or take a salary deduction. Staff members in Non-Teaching Adjunct titles are paid only for time worked, but will be offered the opportunity to make up lost hours, if possible.

Advance of Annual Leave
Annual leave will be advanced to staff members who do not have sufficient accrued time, and who must use annual leave as a consequence of strike conditions, or serious disruption of the public transit system.

Staff members who are not within walking distance may encounter delays in getting to work. Allow extra time for travel, but reasonable lateness caused by the failure of public transportation will be excused.

Early Departures
The immediate supervisor may grant permission for a staff member to leave work before the end of the regular workday, when necessary.  Such time will be charged to annual leave or where appropriate, to compensatory time.

If you are an employee who may be impacted by the impending transit strike, discuss with your supervisor in advance regarding your commute options and work schedule. Please consider your commute alternatives ahead of time and allow extra travel time.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

*CUNY is providing information about 511NY CUNY Rideshare as a suggestion and does not endorse the Website or the services provided.  If you use the Website or the services, you do so on a voluntary basis and not as a requirement of employment. You, not CUNY, will be bound by 511NY CUNY Rideshare’s terms of service. CUNY will provide information about other similar services as it becomes aware of them.