As a gentle reminder, please send all College Life Unit Experience (CLUE) proposals and attendance sheets to Student Life in the Campus Center (Building 1C), Room 201, as CLUE has officially moved to Student Life along with the Pluralism & Diversity program. You can also fax your proposals to 718.982.3087. During the transition, the CLUE proposals can still be found on the New Student Programs Webpage​, but CLUE is no longer handled by the New Student Programs Unit.

Please direct questions regarding both the CLUE and Pluralism & Diversity programs to the Office of Student Life at 718.982.3088.

I would also like to remind everyone that New Student Programs is now managed by the Office of Recruitment and Admissions under my direction, along with Sean Walsh, Assistant Director for Orientation. Please direct questions regarding New Student Orientation or the New Student Mentoring program to the New Student Programs Unit at 718.982.2529.​