Join us on Thursday, Nov. 17 for an evening of celebration of French film and culture at the Center for the Arts (Building 1P) featuring a screening of two short films followed by a discussion with the French Cultural Attaché and the filmmakers. This is a CC CLUE event. Refreshments will be served. The reception will begin at 6:00pm, followed by the screenings at 7:00pm.


Simply Clarisse is the portrait of a woman living in Tours, France who hid her true self for years—until an important self-awakening. Reading from her autobiographical text, Clarisse recalls the suffering, sadness, and long-held secret that finally led to her personal emancipation. A deeply personal encounter with the film’s subject, Simply Clarisse quietly, yet powerfully, recounts a life in transition.

​L’été en suspens is a chronicle of eight New York students abroad in Tours, France. Against the backdrop of July 2016, social-political themes pervade the group’s thoughts, discussions, and their creative art. The result is a cinéma-verité documentary that explores the impact of world events on the psyche of the American filmmakers as well as the French locals they meet.