The Core 100 program invites students and faculty from the College to join us for our weekly lecture series. Each week, all of the first-year students participate in lecture-discussions with about 400 of their classmates. We have space in the Center for the Arts (Building 1P) Williamson Theatre to accommodate individual guests and can have as many as two additional classes at each of the lectures. No permission is needed for classes to attend, but please notify Donna Scimeca (718.982.3405) if you plan to bring a class.

The lectures are 50 minutes and are all in the Williamson Theatre. They meet on the following days/times: Wednesdays at 1:25pm and 3:35pm; on Thursdays at 8:00am, 10:10 am, 4:40pm, and 6:30pm; and on Saturdays at 10:10am.

The Lecture Series Schedule for the Week of Monday, Nov. 21, 2016:

Wednesday, Nov. 23:

-1:25pm: “Economics and the Role of Government,” by Robert A. Grosso

This lecture will take a look at the basics of the economy, the relationship between a market economy and the U.S government, and the government’s role in managing the economy. Other topics discussed include taxation, inflation, deflation, and the law of supply and demand.

Robert A. Grosso has been teaching Core 100 since 2015. He received a BA in both History and Education at Iona College in New Rochelle, NY, and an MA in History at the College of Staten Island. A Staten Island native with a passion for teaching, Professor Grosso currently teaches at two colleges in the Tri-State Area, educating students in a diverse number of topics including Western civilization, civics, and economics.

-3:35pm: “Economic Theory and the Role of the Government in the Economy,” presented by John Lentine

From theory to practice, this lecture will cover the economic theories of the three critical economic philosophers: Smith, Marx, and Rand. It examines the historical economic philosophies of the United States from colonial times to World War II, focusing on government intervention in the economy, and the lack thereof, during the Gilded Age and the Pre-War Era.

John Lentine graduated from the Pennsylvania State University – Capital College, with a BS in Public Policy and an MPA in Public Administration. Studying just outside the State Capital, he worked for two of Pennsylvania’s State Representatives. Upon his return to Staten Island, he worked on a City Council campaign. He currently works in the Center for Advising and Academic Success and teaches Core 100 at the College of Staten Island.

There will be no classes on Thursday, Nov. 24 and Saturday, Nov. 26.

The Core Family wishes you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.