As a reminder, full-time HEOs, CLTs, Research Associates, or Research Assistants working a multiple position will be required to complete the online Application for Multiple Position for Non-Teaching Instructional Staff at the start of each semester in which they will work a multiple position.

A multiple position is an assignment that is different from, and in addition to, an employee’s regular full-time assignment.

As a reminder, for the titles listed above, employment on a multiple position is limited to the following:

  • Average of three contact hours per week for teaching assignments  OR
  • Six hours per week for non-teaching assignments

Multiple positions cannot be undertaken during an employee’s normal working hours and per Article 15.4 (d) of the PSC-CUNY contract split schedules are prohibited.

Please read the online application and complete it each semester in which you will work a multiple position. The completed multiple position form must be attached to the PAF, which is submitted for the part-time assignment. The PAF must include a description of the part-time work assignment and must be sent to the Human Resources (HR) Office prior to the commencement of the assignment. Please feel free to contact me or any member of the HR Office if you have any questions regarding the form or the process.