Now through Tuesday, Feb. 28 in the Library (Building 1L) Rotunda Gallery, the College of Staten Island is hosting an exhibition created by the National Library of Medicine entitled: “Harry Potter’s World: Renaissance Science, Magic, and Medicine.” On Thursday, Feb. 23 at 2:30pm, the Library Archives will host a program related to the exhibit. Volunteer to present on on any exhibition topic (Rennaissance science, magic, or medicine) or any subject inspired by the Harry Potter books, movies, or their place in popular culture by contacting James Kaser at 718.982.4129; Whether you are interested in giving a full presentation, a five-minute lighting talk, or anything in-between, please get in touch.

In 1997, British author J. K. Rowling introduced the world to Harry Potter and a literary phenomenon was born. Millions of readers have followed Harry to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where he discovers his heritage, encounters new plants and animals, and perfects his magical abilities. Although a fantasy story, the magic in the Harry Potter books is partially based on Renaissance traditions that played an important role in the development of Western science, including alchemy, astrology, and natural philosophy. Incorporating the work of several 15th- and 16th-Century thinkers, the seven-part series examines important ethical topics such as the desire for knowledge, the effects of prejudice, and the responsibility that comes with power. This exhibition, using materials from the National Library of Medicine, explores Harry Potter’s world and its roots in Renaissance magic, science, and medicine.