Instructional staff employees who are represented by the PSC will receive the contractual increase of 1.5% in the biweekly salary check dated Apr. 27, 2017. This paycheck is for the period Apr. 13 through Apr. 26. You will see the value of the 1.5% increase for the days Apr.20 through Apr. 26.

Please note that teaching adjuncts are already being paid the blended hourly rate for the entire Spring 2017 semester, starting with the first Spring 2017 paycheck. The blended rate averages the Apr. 20, 2016 contractual hourly rate and the Apr. 20, 2017 contractual hourly rate based on the hours worked during the Spring 2017 semester.

We encourage all employees to review the FAQs that have been provided by CUNY’s Office of Human Resources Management. If you have any questions, please send them to CSI HR at or call us at 718.982.2379.