April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and I would like to take this opportunity to share valuable information with our community to help sustain our continued efforts to prevent sexual violence on our campus. It’s time for us to come together and take action to create a safer environment for all.

The College is committed to promoting the well-being and safety of all our community members. We want to provide support and guidance to those who may experience sexual harassment or sexual violence (which includes dating, domestic, and intimate partner violence, as well as stalking/cyberstalking), whether it occurs on or off campus. CUNY’s Policy on Sexual Misconduct outlines the resources that are available to anyone who experiences such violence, and I encourage everyone to read it.

These issues are extremely serious and often difficult to discuss and report, but when we all play a role and speak out against harmful attitudes and actions, we can help prevent sexual harassment and sexual violence from reoccurring. We must be dedicated to ending the violence and continue to help any student or other member of our community in need of assistance. If you experience or observe sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking, or domestic/dating/intimate partner violence, please contact any of the College officials below:

  • Jessica Collura, Interim Title IX Coordinator/Chief Diversity Officer

jessica.collura@csi.cuny.edu; 718.982.2250; Building 1A, Room 103


  • Michael Lederhandler, Interim Director of Public Safety

michael.lederhandler@csi.cuny.edu; 718.982.2111; Building 2A, Room 108


  • Jennifer Borrero, Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services

jennifer.borrero@csi.cuny.edu; 718.982.2335, Building 1A, Room 301


  • For a confidential consultation, students may contact The Counseling Center

counseling@csi.cuny.edu; 718.982.2391; after hours 855.582.6069; Building 1A, Room 109


Employees may also contact:


  • Hope Berté, Executive Director of Human Resources

hope.berte@csi.cuny.edu; 718.982.2379, Building 1A, Room 201


  • For a confidential conversation, employees may contact CUNY’s Work/Life Program Deer Oaks 24-hour helpline at 855.492.3633; or access their Website at www.deeroaks.com.

We also strongly encourage anyone who experiences any form of sexual violence or stalking on or off campus to immediately report the incident by calling 911, contacting NYPD Special Victims Division or your local police precinct, or contacting the Office of Public Safety, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our campus Public Safety officers can assist with filing a complaint both on and off campus, and in obtaining immediate medical attention and other services.

Through continued awareness and being proactive about these issues, we will all benefit in making our campus a safer place. Thank you for getting involved and for supporting our efforts.