Below is an update on the next phases of the Loop Road construction project.

Phase 9 – On the online map, this section of roadway (highlighted in red) between Willowbrook Park and the softball and Athletic fields will be closed in both directions for approximately three weeks. As a result, all traffic entering the campus through Victory Blvd. will be required to make an immediate left to get to your destination and exit in the opposite direction if your planned exit will be through the Victory Blvd gate. We are anticipating traffic congestion on the roadway as a result of this temporary road closure. Please plan accordingly.

Hook Road – There is a small patch in the area just outside Hook Road on Loop Road that needs to be completed. This work will take place on Friday, Nov.r 3. As a result, Hook Road leading to parking lot #1 for both faculty and staff will be closed. You may access to Parking Lot 1 through use of the Administrative Loop. We anticipate this work to be completed in one day. Hook Road will be open Saturday morning.

Phase 6 – In a previous announcement, we indicated that the area by the back gate was scheduled to be closed and repaved. This will not happen just yet. Instead, the crew will continue to work on curb and other work in this area without impeding traffic, minimizing the time that section needs to be closed to vehicular traffic. There will be no shutdown of the Phase 6 area at this time.

Administrative Loop – Administrative Loop will be open to vehicular traffic beginning Friday, Nov 3. Loop Bus service will resume on Administrative Loop beginning Monday, Nov. 6 following the traffic pattern described in Phase 9 above. The Ferry Shuttle and the MTA-operated S93 bus service will continue to use the designated stops at the Victory Blvd. gate in order to maintain service reliability.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we continue this work. As we approach the winter months, the remaining phases will be completely dependent upon the weather. We hope that you have been able to see the considerable improvement that this work will have on creating an appearance and infrastructure befitting a destination campus. As always, we will be sure to keep you up to date on our progress.

For questions regarding parking fees, violations, or regulations, please reach out to Parking Services at 718.982.2294. For questions regarding transportation including Loop Bus, MTA buses, Access-A-Ride, and the Ferry Shuttle, please contact Operational Services at 718.9823220.  For questions regarding the Loop Road construction project, please call Campus Planning at 718.982.3214.