Did you know? …

  • 39.2% of CUNY students (about two out of five) reported experiencing food insecurity in the past year*
  • 45.1% of CUNY students often or sometimes worried that they would not have enough money for food
  • 22.7% of CUNY students often or sometimes went hungry because of a lack of money

The College recently received a generous grant from the Petrie Foundation to address an immediate need for CSI students who are experiencing food insecurity during the 2018–2019 academic year. The purpose of this grant is to provide students facing financial difficulties with access to a hot meal in real time.

Within minutes of contacting one of the office below, students will be able to seamlessly receive $10 on their Dolphin Cards to be used at CSI food services in the Campus Center (Building 1C) and the Library (Building 1L).

The only requirement is that students must provide their first and last names as well as their EMPLIDs.

Staff in the following offices will call the Auxiliary Services Office, which will ensure that the student will receive the funds within one hour:


  • ASAP (Building 5N, Room 112) 718.982.3200 or 718.982.3279
  • Edge (Building 1L, Room 207) 718.982.3975
  • Counseling Center (Building 1A, Room 109) 718.982.2391
  • Food Pantry (Building 1C-GDL, every second and fourth Friday of each month from 9:30am–11:30am)
  • Financial Aid (Building 2A, Room 401) 718.982.2582 or 718.982.2023
  • Health and Wellness (Building 1C, Room 112) 718.982.3045
  • SEEK (Building 1A, Room 112) 718.982.2689 or 718.982.2421
  • Student Life (Building 1C, Room 201) 718.982.3088
  • The Office of the Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services (Building 1A, Room 301) 718.982.2335

Please note, we are developing a process to bring this critically necessary initiative to CSI St. George.

If you know of a student in need, please contact one of the offices above.

Please contact me if you have questions at 718.982.2335.

* 2010 study of CUNY undergraduate students revealed the prevalence of food insecurity (which may mean worrying about not having enough money for food, skipping meals due to financial constraints, and not being able to afford nutritious food). which may be accessed online.