Effective immediately, all requests to hire temporary service personnel must be approved by the Budget Office prior to HR processing. Upon approval, the Budget Office, will forward mass reappointment spreadsheets, paper RAFs, and paper PAFs to Human Resources for processing. Any action not approved will be returned to the requesting Division.

All paper RAFs and Temporary Service PAFs should be submitted to the Budget Office (Attn: Budget Office-Temp Service, Building 3A, Room 201).

Please find online  a revised RAF (Recruitment Authorization Form) and PAF (Personnel Action Form), which includes a section for the Budget Office Approval to be used for all future requests.

In furtherance of the College’s effort to manage the budget, please note the following:

(1)      Temporary Service employees will not be permitted to exceed approved hours indicated in approved hiring plans.

(2)      Departments should not authorize temporary service personnel to work additional hours beyond those previously approved without prior approval from the Budget Office.

(3)      Unauthorized appointments will result in loss of funding and transfer of temporary service personnel to other campus departments with an identified need.

(4)     College Assistant appointments. College Assistant spring appointments and reappointments were due to Human Resources by Friday, Dec. 14, 2018.  HR and Business Office personnel will be monitoring approved allotted hours to ensure that College Assistants do not exceed authorized levels. Therefore, PAFs requesting to increase the allotted hours for the Spring 2019 semester will not be approved. In addition, College Assistants will not be permitted to carry over unused hours from the Fall 2018 semester to Spring 2019.

Budget-related questions/inquiries should be forwarded to budgetinquiry@csi.cuny.edu.