Effective Friday, Feb. 8, the CSI-Wireless, ClearPass-Student and ClearPass-SSID wireless systems will be decommissioned.

In order to simplify the use of the College’s wireless network, the Office of Technology Services will be moving away from the faculty/staff wireless network named ClearPass-SSID. This will be replaced with the faculty/staff wireless network named CSI-Staff.

Currently, when browsing for wireless networks on campus, you will see several network names in use by the College including ClearPass-SSID, Clear Pass-Student, and CSI-Wireless. These networks will continue to function until the start of the Spring 2019 semester when they will be phased out. Newly created wireless networks, which will be visible on Friday, Jan. 18 2019, will conform to a unified naming scheme. These networks will be named CSI-Staff, CSI-Student, and CSI-Guest.

As in the past when connected to ClearPass-SSID, the CSI-Staff wireless network will allow you to connect up to three wireless devices simultaneously. Your FLAS credentials will allow you to connect to the CSI-Staff wireless network. Once devices are connected, they will remain authenticated to the CSI-Staff wireless network until seven consecutive days of inactivity have elapsed. After seven consecutive days of inactivity have elapsed, you will need to reconnect your device(s) to the wireless network again.

The  CSI-Guest network is provided for the convenience of visitors and guests. This network will offer basic Web browsing and is limited to specific services that are publically available. We do not recommend that faculty or staff use this network since it will be more restrictive and slower than the CSI-Staff wireless network.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the HelpDesk 718.982.4357.