The situation with COVID-19 continues to develop rapidly. At this point, several regional campuses have announced closures of a few days to a few weeks – principally institutions with credible records of campus members being exposed to the virus. At this point, no CSI or CUNY students, faculty, or staff have been confirmed as carrying or having been exposed to COVID-19, but this could change at any time. At the moment, operations should continue as normal on our campus until further notice, and faculty should not be cancelling instruction or moving to remote instruction without consultation with their Chairs and Deans. Our guidance from CUNY and the New York State Department of Education is that we should be flexible regarding student participation in instruction regarding issues such as missed classes, makeup exams, or turning assignments in late. If students are quarantined, including those who returned from study abroad, we need to come up with ways to provide for continuity of instruction. 

For now, large campus events will go on as planned. Rest assured, if this changes, we will notify you all promptly.​

By J. Michael Parrish