We have formed the EDUCares Team@CSI. EDUCares helps faculty address concerns around student presence and engagement in the virtual classroom.

EDUCares consists of dedicated staff members who will help bridge the gap between faculty and student—and/or student and needed resources. 

The immediate focus will be to connect to students who have not been present in the remote-learning classroom. In a later phase, we intend to widen the scope of EDUCares.

Do you have a student who has not been present in the remote environment?

A student who has been absent and/or is not responding to emails?

Then please simply emailEDUCares@csi.cuny.edu and include the following information:


If you have several in your course, please include them all in one email using the format above.   

Our outreach efforts will follow a case-management approach; each student concern filed will be addressed by one assigned EDUCares Team member from initial alert to resolution. We will act as intermediaries between the faculty and student, and later between student and resources. 

If you have any questions about our process, please feel free to email Jennifer Durando (CAAS) at jennifer.durando@csi.cuny.edu or also use EDUCares@csi.cuny.edu.   

Stay safe and thank you for letting us help your students.

By Ralf​ Peetz