Last week, I spoke to you about the legacy of our campus and how once again we are being called on as an Anchor Institution on Staten Island to serve our community through Borough Stewardship. Yesterday, members of the Army Corps of Engineers Advance Team were on site reviewing the campus to determine the best locations for use as field hospitals. The team looked at Dolphin Cove, the Recreational Center, the Great Lawn, the athletic fields, and parking lots. We anticipate two phases of construction; once sites are selected, it will take between ten and 14 days to complete the first phase, and 21 days to finish the second. We are working closely with the offices of Congressman Rose and Governor Cuomo on these plans.

I will continue to update the campus as we learn more information about the construction. As mentioned in my recent video message, the only thing that appears certain is that we will be returning to our roots, serving as a hospital in a time of need. We all wish that the world was not faced with this pandemic, but I know that we will do our part to support our fellow Islanders, the City of New York, our students, and each other through the use of our facilities and many other measures.

My thoughts and gratitude continue to be with you all during this time.

By William J. Fritz