The Credit/No Credit Flexible Grading Policy has been implemented University-wide by the Board of Trustees. This policy will allow fair and just evaluations of our students’ academic efforts during this disrupted spring semester. 

The most updated information regarding the policy has been posted on the Credit/No Credit page of the CUNY Coronavirus and Continuity Website. These updates include the following:

We need to ensure that the policy is implemented as approved by the Board of Trustees — that is, all academic programs must adhere to the CR/NC policy, which is not open to interpretation or subject to additional local policies or already existing grading policies that are in conflict with the new Board policy. Additionally, our ability to meet both the spirit and the letter of this policy requires that faculty submit grades on time. Thus, please be mindful in meeting the grade submission deadlines.

Thanks for all that you are doing during this unprecedented and extreme deviation in the way we operate as a college. 

By the Division of Academic Affairs