You may have seen some CUNY schools with some fun remote videos. Well, in an effort to encourage enrollment, give students some moral support, and not to be outdone by our fellow CUNY schools, we thought it would be fun to create our own video.

The vision is to re-create the introduction scene from the sitcom Friends. There is no singing involved in this request but there is some dancing.  All we need is a clip recorded from your phone in landscape mode. The clip (about ten seconds in length) should be of you dancing to the theme song of Friends. Please try to dance to that rhythm. We’ll take care of the sound.

The background can be wherever you want – outside of your house, in your kitchen, living room, garden, home gym, anywhere showing a tiny bit of your personality.
Ten seconds, that’s it. Go record.

Now, if you are so inclined, there is an optional second clip. We are looking for something that shows a different side of you. As an example, cooking, cutting the grass, painting, perhaps even vacuuming the floor. Once you capture the activity, if you could look into the camera, recognize you are being viewed and smile or laugh (like at the beginning of many sitcoms).   

Please send clips as soon as possible to Sean Walsh.

This will be a fun video so don’t miss out.

By Emmanuel Esperance, Jr.