I write to you today regarding the deeply disappointing modification of the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP), which states that international students who are taking a full online course load cannot remain in the United States.

We are disappointed by this ruling and understand that this action is causing anxiety and worry for many of our students. We also recognize the invaluable contributions and ideas that international students bring not only to our campus, but to all of CUNY, enriching the outlook and perspective of all students.

Although this is a developing situation, I want to assure you that the College, along with CUNY, is reviewing all possible means of ensuring the academic and immigration status of our international students. I will contact you regarding any avenues of mitigation as soon as possible.

Until then, please remember that you are a valued member of our College community and we will do everything within our power so that you may remain in this country to pursue your studies and secure a bright future.

By William J. Fritz