Welcome back. As we begin a new academic year, we look forward to a campus environment that is safe, equitable, respectful, and free from discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment. 

One way to help ensure a harassment-free environment is for employees to learn about their rights and responsibilities by completing CUNY’s ESPARC online sexual misconduct training program (which can be found under the “My Organizations” section on your Blackboard page). All employees are required to complete the ESPARC program, which takes about 30 minutes to complete. 

Another way to help ensure a harassment-free environment is to report instances of discrimination or sexual harassment to me, CSI’s Interim Chief Diversity Officer and Title IX Coordinator. You may also access reporting options online

Pursuant to CUNY’s revised Policy on Sexual Misconduct, responsible employees, including all managers and supervisors, are mandated to immediately report sexual misconduct matters to me. CUNY has designated the following as Responsible Employees:

a. University Title IX Director

b. College Title IX Coordinator and staff

c. Office of Public Safety employees

d. Vice President for Student Affairs or Dean of Students and all staff housed in those offices (other than staff that are designated as confidential employees)

e. Residence Life staff in CUNY-owned or operated housing, including Resident Assistants

f. Directors and Deputy Directors of Human Resources

g. College President, Vice Presidents, and Deans

h. Athletics Staff

i. Department Chairpersons/Executive Officers

j. CUNY Office of the General Counsel attorneys and College/unit attorneys

k. College/unit labor designee

l. Faculty and staff members at times when they are leading or supervising students on off-campus trips

m. International Education Liaisons/Study Abroad Campus Directors and Field Directors

n. All employees at Hunter College Campus Schools

o. College Childcare Center staff

p. Managers or supervisors, regarding alleged sexual misconduct involving people who report to them.

All other employees are strongly encouraged to report sexual misconduct, unless they are required to maintain confidentiality as designated confidential employees (e.g., counselor or staff member at the Counseling Center; nurse, nurse practitioner, or other College Health Office staff member; pastoral counselor; or designated staff member, if any, in a women’s or men’s center).

Have a wonderful semester.

By Catherine M. Ferrara, Esq.