Up until a few days ago, CUNY and CSI were moving ahead with implementation of Proctortrack as an approved method of proctoring online exams. Recent events have caused the University to reverse their position on providing Proctortrack as a proctoring tool. Additional information will be forthcoming. In the meantime, the best practice continues to emphasize alternate, lower-stakes mechanisms of evaluating student progress. In the meantime, CUNY Academic Affairs has curated a compilation of alternate assessment methods for online learning. Today’s edition of the Chronicle on Higher Education’s Academe Today has some useful articles assessing the prevalence of and ways to mitigate cheating in online settings. 

On Monday, the system hosted a town hall on most effective methods for doing teaching evaluations online. The PowerPoint deck from that presentation is online for your reference.

Thanks again to all of you as we continue to traverse these uncharted waters. 

By Michael Parrish