CISTraining is pleased to announce the Winter and Spring 2021 technology training Webinar schedule. You can view our training calendar for upcoming Webinars and you can register for Microsoft Office Bootcamp Training sessions and Microsoft 365/Dropbox/Zoom sessions.

You can also view our Stream channels with curated video clips from previously recorded Webinars, designed to help walk you through the most common tasks and actions within various CUNY-provided systems.

CIS Training Presents: Teams

CIS Training Presents: OneDrive

CIS Training Presents: OneNote

CIS Training Presents: Forms

CIS Training Presents: Planner

CIS Training Presents: Dropbox

CIS Training Presents: Zoom

Please note: You will need to sign into Microsoft 365 with your CUNY-provided Microsoft account credentials, which are the same as your CUNY Login, in order to access the Stream channels and the registration form (Username:

By the CIS Training Team