Earlier this week, Chancellor Félix Matos Rodríguez asked the CUNY college presidents to consult with leaders on their respective campuses to determine the appropriateness and application of a Credit/No Credit flexible grading policy for the Fall 2020 semester.

The issue of Credit/No Credit had already generated considerable discussion at the College of Staten Island through the month of November, so we were happy to receive this news.

This week, following the CUNY Board of Trustees’ formal approval of a Credit/No Credit policy, I consulted with the College of Staten Island’s shared governance leaders, Chairs, and Deans to determine whether all or some of our Fall 2020 courses should be subject to the policy. Given the extraordinary challenges that students are facing as a result of the pandemic, I am convinced that implementing a Credit/No Credit policy this semester is the right thing to do. President Fritz and I have decided that the College will implement a Credit/No Credit policy with limited exceptions in a few programs where grades are essential for accreditation or licensure. As a result, most courses at the College of Staten Island will allow our students to opt for Credit/No Credit, if they so choose. As in the spring, the option to change grade(s) to CR or NC will be available in CUNYfirst shortly after grades are posted and will be available until Sunday, Jan. 10, 2021. Again, it is strongly encouraged that students consult with their academic and financial aid (if applicable) advisor prior to making their decision.

At CSI, we have a strong commitment to equity and access, along with a strong desire to facilitate our students’ academic success. These commitments were the driving forces behind this decision. I want to thank everyone who participated in the decision-making process of this policy, especially the leaders of our Student Government, whose passionate advocacy helped everyone in our community understand the challenges our students have been facing.

Wishing you a successful end of term, and a restful holiday.

By Michael Parrish