The Annual Willowbrook Lecture, “Avoiding the Next Willowbrook: Lessons Learned about Activism from Parents, ” will take place on Wednesday, Apr. 14 at 6:00pm via Zoom.

This online Zoom event will present experiences of parents whose children lived at the Willowbrook State School. Included will be what happened to their children at Willowbrook and how the parents became activists participating in the events that led to the closure of the institution. Parents will also describe a lifetime of activism and what might be helpful today to people with disabilities, parents, and families.

The event will include:

Willowbrook Parent Advocates: Willie Mae Goodman, Ann Nehrbauer, Diana and Malachy McCourt, Ida Rios, and Jerry and Mary Isaacs

Parent Advocates: Meri Krassner, Kathleen Nowak, and Judy O’Rourke

Special Guests: Bill Bronston and Dr. Michael Wilkins

This Zoom event is open to everyone. Register online.

This PG/CC CLUE event is sponsored by the Department of Educational Studies and the Office of Sustainable Community Planning.

By the Office of Technology Services