CSI is producing a video and social media campaign to mark the Fall 2021 return to campus. As we all know, it is not a “typical” start to the semester. The past 16 months have challenged us as individuals and as a community. For the first time, we have students from three cohorts experiencing campus for the first time (Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Fall 2021) and another cohort that spent very little time on campus before the pandemic forced the transition to remote learning (Spring 2020). A substantial percentage of the student body will not have met faculty, staff, or fellow students face-to-face.

Many faculty and staff have publicly and privately expressed what they miss about CSI, and we would like to capture those sentiments and share them with our students. We ask for volunteers to send a short video (no more than 30 seconds) addressing one or both of the following statements:

1.      I miss (insert your answer) about CSI.

2.      I can’t wait to get back to campus because (insert your answer). 

We will produce a three- to four-minute video featuring parts of these videos and showcasing the campus since so many students have not spent time here. The goal is to create a video that harnesses and fosters the excitement that many of you have expressed about seeing students in person this fall. 

Please upload your video submission online. Make sure to label the video with your name. You will find helpful video tips and tricks at the bottom of this email.  Important reminder:  use landscape mode when filming with your cellphone.
The deadline for video submissions is July 13, 2021. We may not be able to use all submissions in the video; others may be used for the accompanying social media campaign. 

Thank you for your assistance.    

By Jennifer S. Borrero, JD