Rooms are available in 1L, 1P, 2N, 3N, 4N, 2S, and 3S that are designated for students who are on campus to participate in online learning. Details are online

Outdoor wireless has been enhanced for those who prefer to do online instruction outdoors or in their vehicles. Details of hot spot locations can be found online.

The campus has two different types of enhanced instructional technology, which will allow students to participate remotely in class activities. A Hyflex classroom as designed by CUNY has been created in 1L-220A and faculty who are teaching in that facility received training from CUNY this summer.

An additional 70 classrooms have been equipped with enhanced Hybrid technology, which will also allow students to participate remotely in on-campus instruction. The list of rooms with this technology can be found online and training session information will be coming soon. A video introducing this technology can be seen online

Thanks to our Information Technology division for these augmentations to our instructional technology. 

By Michael Parrish