We are offering our FCPD Learning Module Cohort, in-person one-on-one, and small group, and Virtual Drop-in assistance sessions this week. As always, there is no need to register for our virtual sessions, they can be accessed by using the Virtual Drop-in Center buttons located on the main page of the Faculty Center Info Hub Blackboard Organization available to all teaching faculty at CSI.

Please Note: Drop-in sessions are added and/or rescheduled as faculty demand requires so please check our Events Calendar in the FCPD Info Hub Organization on Blackboard to ensure you receive all updates and/or calendar changes.

In addition to the above, we also have seats available in the March enrollment of our LMS Basics Series Modules and Teaching & Learning Series Courses!

This semester’s series modules are as follows: 

FCPD Learning Management System Series

  • Module 1: LMS Basics – Getting Started,
  • Module 2: LMS Basics – Creating Course Content,
  • Module 3: LMS Basics – Assessment

FCPD Teaching & Learning at CSI Series

  • Module 4: Teaching & Learning – Understanding CUNY’s Hybrid, Hyflex, & Online Models of Teaching,
  • Module 5: Teaching & Learning – Creating Courses: Pedagogical Skills & Best Practices
  • Module 6: Teaching & Learning – Building Hybridized Classrooms: Designing & Building Pedagogically Sound, Student-Centered Courses

For course enrollment information please contact Faculty Center Training Program Coordinator, Kristen Lindtvedt directly at kristen.lindtvedt@csi.cuny.edu.

Have a great week.

By Kristen Lindtvedt