Dear College Community,

Beginning Tuesday, May 17th, the Library will be open extended hours for final exams. The schedule is below, and can be found on our website:

During these extended hours, the Library will function as a study hall with only Public Safety in the building. There will be no library services, and all students will be brought to the first floor.  

​Final Exam Schedule:

Tuesday, May 17th: 9am-11pm

Wednesday, May 18th: 9am-11pm

Thursday, May 19th: 9am-11pm

Friday, May 20th: 9am-10pm

Saturday, May 21st: 1pm-7pm

Sunday, May 22nd: 1pm-7pm

Monday, May 23rd: 9am-11pm​

Good luck with your studies, and we look forward to seeing you in the Library!

By: Amy F. Stempler, Associate Dean and Chief Librarian