As previously announced, starting next week, the four-day workweek program will be in effect. Inclusive of the Juneteenth and Independence Day holidays, there are nine consecutive four-day work weeks, with the holiday weeks having regular un-extended work days.

For the duration of the four-day workweek program,Monday, June 13 through Friday August 12, on-site density levels for staff will be reduced from a 70% on campus requirement to 50% split between on-campus work and remote work for appropriate positions, as not every position lends itself to a remote component. Such a determination shall be made by each supervisor.

Supervisors must ensure appropriate office coverage in each office when assigning work schedules. As was the case last semester, all offices shall be open for business on campus during regular business hours throughout the summer. As the hybrid experience has shown, it often makes more sense to have entire teams (or groups of teams) in the same place (on-site or remote) on the same days so that people don’t find they are sitting in their offices or workspaces on Zoom for significant periods of the day rather than reaping the benefits of in-person collaboration. Also, in some cases, schedules in which employees are working four days on campus one week and then four days remotely the following week may be more preferable than working two days remotely and two days on campus each week, depending on office needs. Supervisors and employees should continue to refer to CUNY’s Flexible Work Guidelines for helpful information. 

In limited circumstances where vacations and/or illnesses result in departments having no on-site coverage for a temporary period, supervisors should consult with the appropriate administrator and ensure proper signage and notifications are in place so that visitors know how the department can be reached.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Human Resources.

By Jessica Collura