Students in the Computer-Aided Design course at Staten Island Technical High School (SITHS) are taking part in a new Early College model. This model, the first of its kind at SITHS, is a collaboration between the high school and CSI’s Department of Engineering and Environmental Science (EES).

The Early College model consists of two-parts. The first is an Academy experience created and customized by the Engineering Department to provide SITHS CAD students with a comprehensive exposure to the majors offered at CSI’s EES Department. This year’s Engineering Academy included a one-day workshop on June 17, which included a virtual engagement with research presentations and mentoring from CSI’s Engineering and Earth Science professors, as well as virtual laboratory tours. With successful completion of the workshop, students can participate in the second component: college and career development opportunities, including eligibility for research, professional networking, and mentorship with CSI’s EES professors.

“The participating students had the opportunity to be exposed to the exciting new research opportunities at the department, such as smart connected systems and off-shore wind generation, and to be mentored on how to successfully navigate the undergraduate programs in Engineering and Environmental Science with an emphasis on undergraduate research,” noted the Chair of EES Prof. Neo Antoniades.

Assistant Director for Recruitment Holly Block agreed that the collaboration was a success. “It was a pleasure meeting with about 60 honors-level students interested in conducting research at CSI, who were eager to learn more about the College of Staten Island’s academic programs,” she noted. “I hope the Early College model creates a bridge for Tech students to attend CSI, and I look forward to participating in future visits. It was an excellent and worthwhile experience for all participants.”

In addition to the Engineering Academy, part two of the Early College model offers students who pass the CAD course and pass the CertiPort Test the opportunity to earn two college credits on a CUNY Transcript through College Now; carrying the potential to be used at CSI, CUNY, or other state and private colleges that accept CUNY college credits.

Those who complete the Early College model, enroll at CSI, and pursue an Engineering or Earth Sciences degree through the EES Department, will be eligible upon request to apply for advanced academic standing, pending a review by the Chair of the Engineering Department. In addition, once enrolled at CSI, these students will form a cohort in the EES Department and receive individualized advisement. This feeder model and partnership with the Academic Department will give local incoming students a decisive edge in their academic trajectory and their professional pursuits.

By: Crystal Vera-Montalvo & Terry Mares