National Grid has committed to aiding the students at the College of Staten Island, recently partnering with the Office of Institutional Advancement to offer four $1,000 grants to students who face emergency financial hardship, through the College’s Student Emergency Fund Program.

“National Grid cares about the wellbeing of its constituents, and that extends to the CSI community,” said Cheryl Adolph, Interim Executive Director of Institutional Advancement at the College of Staten Island. “Our students benefit from a company like National Grid, which invests in its employees, and potential future employees. In addition to providing emergency funds, National Grid has been a long-time supporter of students within the engineering field, providing scholarship dollars so that our students can achieve their educational and professional goals.”

The Student Emergency Fund at the College was created to provide emergency cash grants to students in good standing with short-term financial emergencies, enabling them to remain in school during a time of financial hardship. Students have used these micro grants in the past to repair lost or damaged equipment or technology, or recover from loss due to house fire, to name a few. National Grid is proud of the work it has done assisting its community, and aiding students in need at CSI is no exception.

“National Grid has a long-standing partnership with the College of Staten Island and we’re proud to sponsor this important initiative,” said Frank Lombardo, Director of Portfolio Planning, National Grid New York and CSI Foundation Board Member. “These students are dedicated to creating a better future for themselves through education and a financial hardship should not stop them. Providing these funds is the right thing to do to help them succeed and aligns with our commitment to the communities we serve.”

The Student Emergency Grant Fund Program was started at CSI in 2011 and has a proven track record of success. Not only has it provided immediate and tangible help to students in need, it has also given CSI leadership a deeper understanding of the scope of challenges facing students.

“These setbacks for students can potentially derail their enrollment at the College, and at times, the challenges can seem insurmountable,” Adolph said. “These funds alleviate at least some of the pressure and give the students hope and some means to move forward with their education, despite a myriad of obstacles.”

“Emergency grants can help alleviate the stress brought on by challenging situations so students can focus on their studies,” said Carol Decina, Community & Customer Engagement Manager, National Grid New York.  “Providing a safety net for students in a tough spot when unexpected costs arise can mean the difference to helping them stay in school.”

To find out more about the Student Emergency Grant Fund Program, visit the CSI Website.