Student engagement and showcasing a unique undergraduate experience are the focal points of the Verrazzano Honors Program’s new social media initiatives.

Thanks in part to the generosity of alumni, parents, and an anonymous donor, the Verrazzano program spent the last year investing in their social media platforms to revitalize content production. With the efforts of the program’s own student social media interns, Verrazzano has been spotlighting noteworthy students, alumni, and a variety of on-campus events through their Instagram Account: @VerrazzanoHonors

After months of prep, Verrazzano has officially added YouTube to its social media portfolio. The account is live at

For the Verrazzano team, the YouTube launch is the culmination of a three-year journey that began amid the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. Back in 2020, Associate Program Director Cheryl Craddock looked for new ways to tight-knit bond in the Verrazzano community in an online setting. Beginning with weekly Instagram challenges and virtual VELAs (Verrazzano Extracurricular Learning Activities), the camaraderie and sometimes silly nature of Verrazzano Honors found its place online. With the abundance of content, and new opportunities to engage with the student population, the program formed its own team of social media interns and videographers to trim and polish these Zoom meetings, workshops, and VELAs into snippets for social media.

As part of the new online landscape, Verrazzano created its YouTube page in January of 2021. The page initially served as an archive for all online VELAs and workshops with Verrazzano students having exclusive access to the channel. As pandemic conditions evolved, and virtual events were placed firmly in the rear-view, the purpose of the YouTube channel expanded beyond a repository of past online events.

With the social media interns at the helm, Verrazzano’s YouTube page was reshaped into a community space where the program’s students became the focus. The channel includes a variety of programming, each geared toward current and prospective undergraduates.

Below is a little taste of what to expect from the Verrazzano YouTube experience:

  • VZ360: Verrazano’s series of student profiles provides the full perspective on the program’s most fascinating members; showcasing the talents and skills of Verrazzano students outside the classroom.
  • The How To Series: Features step-by-step guides helping students fulfill program requirements and answer questions about the particulars of Verrazzano.
  • Inside VELAs: Are a first-hand look at some of the fun and unique Verrazzano Extracurricular Learning Activities that make the program a student-centric experience.

The official YouTube launch coincides with Verrazano’s “Why Wait?” marketing campaign. “Why Wait?” highlights a number of noteworthy undergraduates capitalizing on their education by achieving some of their career and professional goals now.

In addition to digital marketing geared toward prospective applicants, “Why Wait?” is the official channel introduction to the Verrazzano Honors Program, and the most extensive video project of the program, thus far.

The entire Verrazzano Honors Program is proud to finally share the hard work of their social media team.

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By: Louis Adorno