Using the Blackboard Grade Center

The Grade Center in Blackboard is a place for instructors to track student performance. Faculty can create grade columns for any graded activities they want to record, such as projects, discussions, and quizzes. This workshop will go over the basics of how you can use the Blackboard Grade Center to calculate grades, organize student-submitted assignment documents, create weighted columns, and exclude certain assessments from final score calculations.  

Drop-In Sessions: Troubleshooting in Blackboard

Drop-In sessions will be open during the dates specified. Drop-In Sessions can be accessed via the links in the table below.

One-on-One Session: Setting Up Specific Features in My Course

The purpose of the one-on-one sessions is to give faculty members the opportunity to meet with Faculty Center staff and address specific features or issues related to their Blackboard courses. One-one-one sessions are by appointment only and faculty members are encouraged to email Fausto Canela at to schedule an appointment.

See the table below for dates and time of each of these sessions.

Date/TimeTitle Modality Access Link
May 8
10:00am-11:00amUsing the Blackboard Grade CenterVirtualCLICK COLLABORATE LINK
1:00pm-2:00pmOne-on-One: Setting Up Specific Features in My Blackboard CourseIn-person 
May 9
10:00am-11:00amDrop-in Session: Troubleshooting In BlackboardIn-person 
1:00am-2:00pmOne-on-One: Setting Up Specific Features in My Blackboard CourseIn-person
May 10
10:00am-11:00am Drop-in Session: Troubleshooting in BlackboardVirtualCLICK COLLABORATE LINK
1:00pm-2:00pmUsing the Blackboard Grade CenterVirtualCLICK ZOOM LINK
May 11
10:00am-10:45amDrop-in Session: Troubleshooting In BlackboardVirtualCLICK ZOOM LINK
11:00am-noonOne-on-One: Setting Up Specific Features in My Blackboard CourseVirtualCLICK ZOOM LINK
May 12
 No sessions scheduled due to other Faculty Center committments   

By Fausto Canela